Igniting a Team of Top Performers: Hire, Train, Reward, RETAIN!

Why do some businesses seem to have outstanding employees while others struggle? This session will focus on what you can do to attract, train and retain a team of highly qualified team members.  Key insights will include how to create a “magnetic” recruiting strategy to attract the right applicants, where to find them and how to maximize the effectiveness of training, incentives and communication to build a high-performing team that ignites your business.

The 7 Essential Systems for Franchisee Success

Ever wonder how some franchisees seem to easily replicate operational success location after location? Great franchisees leverage the power of their brand and accelerate success by utilizing effective systems to achieve consistent and results to build their business. Launch the power of these effective systems you MUST have in place to succeed:

  • Recruiting & attracting the RIGHT talent
  • Creating an M.B.A. (Mutually Beneficial for All) Culture
  • Training…until they can’t get it wrong
  • Operational systems to accelerate performance
  • Sales & Profit ‘Radar’ to maximize the top- and bottom-line
  • Owning the local community
  • Incentivizing & Rewarding Performers

This session is ideal for any type of restaurant as well as retail, supermarket and personal service companies.

Moving Service from ‘Extra Ordinary” to “’Extraordinary’

Guests today want ‘serve-us’, not ‘service’. The payoff? Highly satisfied guests who become an unstoppable marketing force. You will leave with numerous strategies to drive sales and guest loyalty by:

  • Creating hospitality at every guest ‘sizzle’ point
  • Hidden systems to ensure consistency across the brand
  • The success formula
  • Situational Selling Skills
  • Motivating the team to deliver every shift, every guest.
  • Your members will be leaving saying, ‘Now That’s Service!’