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Running a S.M.A.R.T (and Successful) Franchise

Learn proven business tactics from franchisee, author and speaker T.J. Schier to make tj3your business ‘S.M.A.R.T.-er’. TJ will customize the session based off learnings from his business to reinforce key objectives you want your franchisees to hear: service, sales, employee retention, brand consistency, training, selection, measurement and attraction… just to name a few. Want a better franchise system? Teach your franchisees to work S.M.A.R.T.!

Moving Service From Extra Ordinary to Extraordinary

Guests today want ‘serve-us’, not ‘service’. The payoff? Highly satisfied guests who become your marketing force. Start the hospitality revolution! You will leave with numerous strategies to drive sales and guest loyalty by:

  • Creating Hospitality at every guest interaction point
  • Hidden systems to ensure consistency across the brand
  • The success formula
  • Situational Selling Skills
  • Motivating the team to deliver every shift, every guest.
  • Your guests will be leaving saying, ‘Now That’s Service!

This session is ideal for any type of restaurant as well as retail, supermarket and personal service companies.

SMART Guide to Effective Recruiting, Selection & RETENTION

Why do some business get great employees while others struggle? The hiring process has far-reaching impacts on your service, turnover and overall finances. The seminar includes key insights into the hiring process, attracting talent, effective interviewing and assessment that will help you building a winning team at the hourly and frontline level.

What Hospitality Can Teach Healthcare/Retail/Personal Services

The healthcare/retail/personal services field is eerily similar to the hospitality industry. Guests/patients/clients want a positive, personalized experience. Learn the key drivers to improve the patient/client/guest experience (through the employee experience) by incorporating effective tactics and strategies from the hospitality industry in the areas of key service drivers and incentivizing the staff to deliver a superior healthcare experience.

Send Flowers to the Living! Moving Employees from ‘Whatever’ to ‘Whatever it Takes’

Learn how to implement an effective strategy to reward, recognize and incentivize your staff to improve performance whether you’re there or not! If you want to enhance the guest experience, you have to alter the employee experience. You’ll leave the workshop with ideas, tools and templates to implement contests and reward programs to help you enhance service, sales, lower food cost and ultimately improve retention of good (and great) employees.

The session is full of practical, tactical strategies to build employee loyalty and reinforce your business objectives. Hear many easy-to-implement ideas that can be used immediately, including:

  • Creating a recognition-based culture to increase retention.
  • The most effective rewards, contests and incentives to reinforce your business goals.
  • Implementation strategies to focus on keeping the employees getting better, not the ones getting by.
  • Don’t wait until they leave, ‘send flowers to the living!’

L.M.A.O. – Local Marketing As An Operator!

Looking for a ‘marketing’ seminar delivered by an OPERATOR… for operators? TJ’s company follows a strategy replicatable for your franchise group’s locations: Deliver WOW Service, Sales Radar, Own the Community and Leveraging the Digital Space. If your marketing message isn’t resonating, let TJ customize the session to convince your group through an operator’s eyes how to build your brand.